History of Pecohub (Part 1)

Pecohub is an acronym for Peco Entertainment Hub, this is a blog about Latest Entertainment gist and celebrity gossips. This blog came into being on March the 29th 2016 after i saw a friends blog @somidraztalk and was inspired by the way news was being posted. At first, i had an Entertainment website also called Pecohub
below is my first post as at March last year which had only 18 views and 2 comment 

but as of now, i can boast of over 200 views and comment on this blog/hub..Take a look below

By God's Grace i had a vision of expanding my frontiers of excellence by giving the blog an extraordinary name and not copying names. i did it to actually prove everyone wrong by thinking that we all blogger do copy and paste.
YES, I copy some post that i find interesting but i try to edit and add my own lines to spice up the news and not just copy it raw and paste it raw.

ABOUT THE NAME (PECOHUB): My name is actually Precious Emmanuel Chinonso Okafor, from my initials, i formed Peco and that's a very wonderful nick. the name was given to me by my aunty back then in my junior secondary school days. she wanted to write my initials on my school item and she formed out PECO and i kinda liked the name and from then, my classmates also started calling me Peco as i could vividly remember one CZAR_TEE giving different pronounciation of Peco lol.
The Hub was also as a result of me finding what to add after peco to make the name interesting and authentic and so, i browsed and checked the meaning of several names including Hub and it meant the center of anything. so we can furthermore say that "PECOHUB IS THE CENTER OF ENTERTAINMENT WHERE EVERY CELEBRITY NEWS, GOSSIP AND GIST REVOLVE".

PECOHUB IN THE MEDIA SCENE: This should be discussed all round.starting from Web influencer, to media strategist to hypeman to brand sponsors to event coverage and all the attention gotten (Locally and Internationally).
The blog is gaining its feat by setting up a pace in the Entertainment house but like i would always tell my peers, Finance is a big problem for now. Recently, Celebrities like 50Cents, Laura Ikeji, Linda Ikeji, Eva Alordiah, Noble Igwe, Ill-bliss and the CEO of Grounded Promotions (BOND) Have given Pecohub blog an attention and recognition through the blog Instagram page. ditch and corrections or applaud.

HOW WE SOURCE OUT NEWS : Like i said before, we don't just do that copy and paste game, We copy news quite alright from top blog like (LINDAIKEJIS BLOG, NAIRALAND FORUM, LAILASBLOG, OLORISUPERGIRL, 360NOBS AND PULSENG) But always edit and add few other gist to make it our own news and also be free from plagiarism as Google AdSense  is always on check. when we go to instagram, we do same thing. Nobody likes copy and paste as much as i do but i always make sure that i edit all my copied information before posting and that's  why all these people come to comment because they haven't seen the news elsewhere.

50CENT COMMENTED : When i posted how the rapper blocked his son on instagram over family issues, he quickly reacted by commenting "I BLOCK YOU TOO B***H" and he blocked me buh that not what we are saying, what we are after is that he gave us international attention but in a wrong way i admit.

LAURA IKEJI COMMENTED : When the fashion blogger and sister of the famous blogger in nigeria did her traditional wedding at her hometown, i told someone around to help me get some news about the wedding and the person included that the wedding was held at her uncle compound and when i posted it, she quickly commented and told me why are we so misinformed, that was her father compound not her uncle's compound.

LINDAIKEJI COMMENTED : Like i called her queen of blogging, when i posted a news about her struggles with her blog when she was still coming up in the blogging game, she also commented and added a few lines to the post as though she was blogging with me. that alone motivated me to keep doing more and that also ringed to me that investors are watching.

Noble igwe and the others complemented on the way i featured them while the ceo of grounded promotions allowed me to cover the Grounded talent search. AWKA/OWERRI AND ENUGU.

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