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See, I don’t like rubbish at all. I used to be a ‘boss’, but now I am broke.
I didn’t lose my job, neither did my bank balance reduce drastically. I still have my money, the same money that previously made me rate myself as a boss. My earnings have been steady, my assets are in place, and heck, I even bought my last one night stand partner an iPhone 7.

But rubbish has happened to me, and now I am broke. The rubbish came from Davido.
All my life, I have been raised to be a good boy, mind my business, work hard, make bread, play hard and live the good life. I was told to avoid other people’s business, face my front, and mind my business. If my neighbor buys a new car, I will celebrate. If I buy a bigger car, I will not make him feel small with mine.
I will look front and drive it. No noise.

But not Davido. Ever since that boy began to see small change in the music industry, he has been shouting up and down. Is he the first person to make one million dollars? Every time “I get money, I get cash, I get dollars.”
I used to be able to ignore him and still face my front until last weekend, where a girl told me that I was broke. Me. Joey Akan. Music Editor of the biggest news platform in Nigeria, broke.
Is she mad?
I have been chasing this girl for the past 3 months, and she has been using me to do yeye. Every time I call her, she will let it ring for three times, before picking and telling me that she is busy and that I should try my luck tomorrow.
I love her. And no matter how much my jealous friends tell me that she doesn’t like me back, I refuse to listen. I believe that they are jealousying me and my quest to find true love.
“Stop jealous!!!” I yell at them, before stomping out and calling that girl for the next four days without response.
So, on this fateful day, I finally got through, and she told me that we should meet.

I went shopping from new head, to new boxers, shirt, perfume, toothpaste and toothbrush. Everything was new. I was shining. The stars were shining. But I was the shining star on that night.
As I arrived at the venue of the date, this girl made me wait for three hours. But I did not mind. I loved her already. Romance cannot be affected by a small thing like lateness. 3 hours is too small. I have eternity with this woman.
When she showed up, she smiled at me, and told me the words: “I don’t like you”.
My world ended. I died five times and woke up 6 times. I could feel my chest begin to beat loudly. Oh God, is this how I will just die of heartbreak?
Why?” I asked. “Am I that ugly?”
“No. It’s just that you don’t have 30 Billion in your account.”
I was shocked. Is this how life is? How can she be this materialistic? Who has 30 billion in their account? Who is that person let me blow my whistle to EFCC?
“Baby, who has N30 billion in their account inside this recession?”

She simply stood up, and began to walk away. I couldn’t follow her to the door. I am a broke boy. Broke people don’t follow women who are walking away from their poverty. Just before she left the restaurant, she turned around and completed my humiliation.
“Davido has N30 billion. Go and work hard and be like Davido.” She said, and swung her hips out of my sight, and out of my life.
I was heartbroken. So this Davido has that amount of money? Who dash am? Is it not just music that he is singing?
So I began to do my research until I found the newly released ‘If’ song. Where Davido promises every woman in the world N30 Billion in his account. Why?
“30 billion for account oh, Versace and Gucci for your body o, baby.” He sang.
Who send the boy? Why can’t he just continue to sing about normal money? 30 billion. Is he mad?
I’m currently in Lagos, increasing my hustle, and working my way up the money ladder. Even as I write this article, my phone is beeping with a cute credit alert from my company. But it is not enough. Davido thinks he can use that his money to deprive me of love.
I will not take it. I will make N30 billion before the end of the month. Then I will go back to that girl and give her N3 billion. Then marry her.
Davido thinks he can try me. I will show him pepper. Rubbish.
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